Linux内核配置指南-Bus options (PCI etc.)和Executable file formats / Emulations



Bus options (PCI etc.)

[*] PCI support

[*] Support mmconfig PCI config space access

-*- PCI Express ASPM control

Default ASPM policy (BIOS default) —>选择BIOS的默认设置即可

-*- Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI and MSI-X)

[*] Interrupts on hypertransport devices

-*- PCI PRI support

-*- PCI PASID support(这个和上面的根据你的CPU是否支持IOMMU (VT-d)开启)

[*] Support for PCI Hotplug —>子选项可以根据需求选择或留空

PCI Endpoint —> [*] PCI Endpoint Support

[*] Mark VGA/VBE/EFI FB as generic system framebuffer

Executable file formats / Emulations


-*- Kernel support for ELF binaries

<*> Kernel support for scripts starting with #!

<*> Kernel support for MISC binaries

[*] IA32 Emulation

[*] x32 ABI for 64-bit mode